New Flash Collection

I’m delighted to announce a second flash collection… this one all about our feathered friends.

I was reading back some flash from the past year and saw how often I write about birds. So I collected it together and came up with The Flock. Please leave a review if you can.

Thank you all so much for your support.

The Insectarium

My first ever flash fiction title publishes today – a creepy collection of short tales about insects.

Inspired by trips to Dudley Zoo and the West Midland Safari Park, with some stuff published on various websites over the years, it was a lot of fun pulling this collection together.

It was shortlisted for the recent Ellipsis Zine’s flash collection competition, judged by the fabulous Stephanie Hutton (an amazing writer herself) who gave me permission to use the fab quote.

Check it out on Amazon, where it’s available as an ebook.

Write Mentor 2020: The C.N.A.

Lucky me! I get to read all of the freshest MG… straight from the pens of the writers who bravely sent their work to Write Mentor for this year’s Children’s Novel Award.

No matter what the result; whether you long- or short-list or come nowhere at all, you are already a winner for finishing a WHOLE BOOK! and for being bold and bad-ass enough to send your writing out into the big world.

Well done to you, writer.

Write Mentor Mentoring and Editing

I write MG, CB, PB and some teen/YA and am represented by the fabulous Hannah Weatherill at Northbank Talent. I’m based near Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, and have an honours degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Wolverhampton.

I became a mentor in Write Mentor’s debut year, working closely with three talented writers and enjoying every second. I caught the editing bug, going on to develop my editing skills and becoming a Spark Mentor, working with monthly clients in the UK and US, and completing one-off full edits, particularly for CB/MG.

Aside from my own writing and editing I co-founded a local writing group based in a community pub, and am also on YouTube as half of the Word Witches writer support duo. I love to collaborate with other writers and give back to the huge and supportive #writingcommunity.

Between my own MG and CB edits I write flash fiction and can be found all over the internet, from Twisted Sister Lit Mag * and  Horror Scribes * to Senior Travel Expert. I have also self-published two flash collections, The Insectarium (May 2020) and The Flock (August 2020)

*Adult/horror themes

2020 is flying by, and soon it will be Write Mentor’s most famous programme, the free Summer edit.

For this Write Mentor summer season I am looking for funny or scary/spooky MG, any age group from 6-8 up to 8-12.

I want well-rounded characters and exciting adventures: and I DEFINITELY want to laugh out loud… but maybe cry too.

Stuart is being tough this year – we can only choose one writer to mentor. I’m looking for the best! I am happy to hear from anyone anywhere in the world – but send me upper or lower MG/ chap books only please.

Ideally I want to help someone polish a full m/s and then submit to agents, but after the last few years as a mentor I know that anything can happen and I’m likely to fall in love with something unexpected. Show me what you’ve got!

If you miss out but still want me to look at your work please apply to the Spark programme – I still have a couple of slots for monthly support (Level 2) or full edits. This is fully flexible – see the Write Mentor site for details or contact Stuart direct via FB or @StuartWhiteWM.

If you are considering me as your editor, here are some kind words from previous mentees:

One of my luckiest days as a writer was the day I was selected for #MentorMatch 2018 with Carolyn as my mentor. She was amazing, giving me detailed and insightful suggestions that took my book to another level and ultimately resulted in my getting an agent. I can’t say enough about her editing skills!

Michael Lunsford


 It is very easy to become buried within your own work. Carolyn pulls you out of the pages and shines a light not only on the ugly what-was-I-thinking parts but also what is working. Not only is she a great editor, she will be your biggest cheerleader too.

She picks up on things you don’t think about—would that fruit grow at that time of year? How long would it take for a cruise ship to turn around? So, all this happened in a day?­—are just a few of the questions I hadn’t considered.

If you need help with plot & structure, she can do that.

She has a good ear for dialogue. She won’t let a character get away with a single word that they wouldn’t say.

She’s a tyrant when it comes to correct grammar. Trust me, this is a good thing—not a hyphen or comma will be missed.

I received a comprehensive edit letter and line notes which were incredibly useful. But more than that, Carolyn was there to bounce ideas off and help me brainstorm solutions.

If you want someone to help you get your manuscript in shape, Carolyn’s your girl.

Jenny Pearson

For more find me on Twitter: @Viking_Ma and @WitchesWord 

Search ‘Introducing Word Witches’ on YouTube.